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Summoner Outfit Hat addon (female)

Kirjoittanut Sir Rickard

Tyyppi: Asun lisäosaquesti
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Edron
Premium: Kyllä
Palkinto: Summoner Outfit Hat addon (females)
Kesto: Pitkä (> 2 tuntia)

Tarvittavat tavarat

Ferumbras' Hat Ferumbras' Hat 1 Ferumbras

Quest opas



The summoner outfit is one of the basic outfits you have as a Premium account player.

Addon 1

See how to get addon 1 here.

Addon 2

The only way to get Ferumbras Hat that you need for this addon is from Ferumbras. If you got Ferumbras Hat you will need to get to Zoltan. First get to Edron magic academy, from the boat in this case:


When you arrive at the Magic Academy then go to the part the map shows:


Go up twice to find Zoltan. Talk with him like this:

You: Hi
Zoltan: Welcome player, student of the arcane arts.
You: Proof
Zoltan: ... I cannot believe my eyes. You retrieved this hat from Ferumbras' remains? That is incredible. If you give it to me, I will grant you the right to wear this hat as addon. What do you say?
You: Yes
Zoltan: I bow to you, player, and hereby grant you the right to wear Ferumbras' hat as accessory. Congratulations!

Enjoy your addon!