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Rapier Quest

Kirjoittanut Pinheiro

Tyyppi: Tavallinen questi
Tasovaatimus: 1
Sijainti: Rookgaard
Premium: En
Palkinto: Rapier
Kesto: Lyhyt (< 1 tunti)


20 HP
5 Exp

Quest opas

You will have to enter in the sewers of Rookgaard, located in the center of the city. There is no need of any equipments, it's a very easy quest.


The entrace of the sewers.
While in the cave you will have to search for the rapier room, just follow the blue line on the map:


You may face a few rats in your way, after you enter the hole you will have to kill 4 rats that protect the treasure then you can catch your prize in the box.


Enjoy your loot!