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Norseman Outfit Hood and Earmuffs Addon

Kirjoittanut Sir Rickard

Tyyppi: Asun lisäosaquesti
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Svargrond
Premium: Kyllä
Palkinto: Hood Addon (males), Earmuffs Addon (females)
Kesto: Pitkä (> 2 tuntia)

Quest opas


See how to get the outfit here.

Addon 1: Spear

See how to get this addon here.

Addon 2: Hood or Earmuffs

Now get back to Hjaern with 10 more Shards but don't bring more Shards because he will take them otherwise and you won't get paid for them. Talk with him like this:

You: Hi
Hjaern: Be greeted.
You: Frostheart Shard
Hjaern: Do you bring frostheart shards for our spell?
You: Yes
Hjaern: Excellent, you collected 15 frostheart shards. Take this. It might suit your Nordic outfit fine. From now on we only can give you 2000 gold pieces for each shard.
You: Bye
Hjaern: Good bye.

Now you will get 2000 Gold for each Shard instead.

Enjoy your addon!