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Lighthouse Quest

Kirjoittanut Zanko

Tyyppi: Tavallinen questi
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Thais
Premium: En
Palkinto: Battle Hammer, Dark Shield
Kesto: Lyhyt (< 1 tunti)
Huomautukset: You can't do this alone, you need at least 1 other player.


260 HP
150 Exp

Quest opas

This is a quite easy quest and maybe one of the first quests you make in main, you will need at least 1 more player for this quest. Start this quest in Thais depot and after that follow this map:


After you went down you will find yourself in a small room with different pieces of furniture scattered around, and a dead body. Go to the south-east corner of the room, and push the second crate from the right away. You will see a lever under it, use it.


Now you will find that you can travel three different ways. Tell your friend to go north until he or she reaches the end, and then tell them to stand on a stepping stone, and stay there until you tell him/her to get off.


Now go south, and you should find some stairs near the end of the room which would not normally be there if your friend wouldn't be on the stepping stone. Descend down the stairs and use the lever which you will see in front of you.


Tell your friend to step off the stepping stone, and meet him or her at the ladder which you came down to enter the room. From here both of you head east, and go through the portal which you will be able to see now, because the lever was pulled.


Two Cyclops will begin attacking you and your friend, kill them both and head to the northern end of the room. You will see two chests; open them both to gain a dark shield and a battle hammer.


Enjoy your loot!