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Lightbearer Event

Kirjoittanut Karlkoninan

Tyyppi: Tavallinen questi
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Yalahar
Premium: Kyllä
Palkinto: Silver Fafnar Trophy/Golden Fafnar Trophy, 20 + 10 Midnight Shards, Brocade Backpack, Death Ring, 1 + 2 Ring of Healings, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 + 5 Gold Ingots, Giant Shimmering Pearl, 30 Small Topazes, Stealth Ring, Time Ring, Moon Backpack, Crown Backpack, 50 Demonic Essences, Might Ring, Violet Gem, 40 Small Diamonds
Kesto: Pitkä (> 2 tuntia)
Huomautukset: The event will start 11th of November and end on 15th of November. This event is very time-consuming, players from all time zones will have to help and work together!

Tarvittavat tavarat

Magical Torch Magical Torch 1
Key 3012 Key 3012 1
Key 3802 Key 3802 1

Quest opas

The Lightbearer Event is a huge spectacle that requires many people on the server to actually work together over a longer time span. The basic idea is to keep 10 lights burning for 4 days (96 hours) by regularly using magical torches on them (each two hours). You can only use your torch once on each light basin. If only one light goes out, the event is lost and strong demonic creatures and annoying essences of darkness will enter Tibia for half a day. However, if you actually manage to keep the lights burning... you and everyone who participated will be rewarded!

To start this event, you need to be a Premium Player and you need to have access to Yalahar.
When you are in Yalahar, walk to the Magician Quarter to find NPC Lucius. You will not meet any creatures on the way to him. He is wandering around, but he is usually within the white circle on the map below:

NPC Lucius

Before you start anything, make sure that players on your server will help organizing the event. If you want to succeed, it demands very much organization. Make sure players are watching all 10 basins and make sure that someone will recharge them.
There are 10 basins which players need to recharge every second hour for 4 days.
Since each player only can recharge each basin once, you will need at least 48 players helping on your server. If you are 48 players, each and everyone of the 48 players must recharge all 10 basins. If everyone just wants to recharge 1 basin during the whole event, you will need a total of 480 players!

Once everything is planned, talk with NPC Lucius to get your torch and to take part in the event:

You: Hello!
Lucius: Greetings, -name-.
You: What is your name?
Lucius: My name is Lucius.
You: Event
Lucius: Let's not talk here. I prefer to meet you in the Temple of Light. Will you accompany me there now?
You: Yes
Lucius: Come join me in my room.

Note: All magical torches will vanish at the end of November.

You: Hello!
Lucius: I would love to chat about that with you, but right now your mission is much more important.
You: Mission
Lucius: This is the time of the year where demons try hardest to break through to our world. I try my best to keep them away by spiritually empowering those magical fire basins here in the Temple of Light. ...
Lucius: However, I cannot be everywhere at the same time, and there are ten spots all over Tibia where the layer between our world and the hellish world is especially thin. ...
Lucius: You need to travel to these places within a day after I gave you a magical torch. I summoned a lightbearer's basin there, similar to those here in the temple. ...
Lucius: You have to use the torch on a basin to power its light. Then it will have regain enough energy to burn brightly for another two hours. ...
Lucius: If you look at a basin, you can see how much energy there is still left. As long as all fire basins are burning, no creatures will be able to enter Tibia. ...
Lucius: However, when only one fire basin turns dark and disappears, powerful demons will be unleashed onto this world. ...
Lucius: You have to keep the fire burning for five days, and on the last day the demons will be so weakened that you can dispose of them easily when they come. ...
Lucius: I can give you only one torch which lasts for a day and will then disappear. Also, you can only use your torch ONCE on each basin. ...
Lucius: Thus you need to work together with your fellow Tibians, so that someone can always keep the fire basins burning, on each of the five days. ...
Lucius: I can either give you the torch now - but remember it will only last for a day - or hold onto it for you until your time to be a lightbearer has come. Do you want that torch right now?
You: Yes
Lucius: Here is your torch, -name-. You have a day now to keep the light on all ten spots burning, and remember you can only use your torch ONCE on each spot. ...
Lucius: And be careful - evil might send its minions there from time to time to keep you from lighting the basin.

Your job now is to recharge as many basins as you possibly can when it is your turn. (You decide when your turn is, together with your server for best possible organization.)

The Locations of the Basins

You can at any time ask NPC Lucius for the locations of each basin by saying 'Location'.

Lucius: The first place might be somewhat hard to find... it is on the Formorgar glacier on Svargrond.
Lucius: The second place is in the Plains of Havoc near the Knightwatch Tower.
Lucius: The third place is under the taboo area of Port Hope.
Lucius: The fourth place is in the prison under Kazordoon.
Lucius: The fifth place is on Ramoa, one of the Forbidden Islands close to Liberty Bay.
Lucius: The sixth place is in the northern ruins of Edron, near the entrance to the demon lair.
Lucius: The seventh place is deep under Drefia, at the top of the pentagram.
Lucius: The eighth place is in the middle of Hellgate. It can be found close to a necromantic ritual place.
Lucius: The ninth place is not very dangerous to reach. It is near Ankrahmun, in the tomb that's covered with tar pits.
Lucius: The tenth place is quite close to here. Go to the area of the magician quarter where the earth is broken up and hellish creatures are crawling to the surface. Go one level down through one of the holes and search for the fire basin in this area.

Note that you do not in any way have to recharge the basins in a certain order!
Be careful and do not stand AFK around the basins! Sometimes, some demonic creatures spawn around them when you recharge them.

1. Formorgar Glacier

This place is on the Formorgar glacier on Svargrond, just below ONE of the places where you can get the frostbite herb. To get here, walk past the arena and then to the west. Bring parcels or levitate to climb the mountain.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Svargrond Lightbearer
Svargrond basin

Beware of: Crystal Spiders, Ice Golems, Mammoths, Polar Bears and Wyverns.

2. Plains of Havoc

This place is to the very south of the Plains of Havoc, south of the Knightwatch Tower.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Lightbearer PoH
PoH basin

Beware of: Rats, Wolves, Poison Spiders, Bears, Orcs, Skeletons, Elves, Scorpions, Orc Warriors, Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Elf Scouts, Orc Shamans, Witches, Tarantulas, Cyclops, Hunters, Minotaur Mages, Minotaur Guards, Orc Berserkers, Demon Skeletons, Orc Leaders, Wyverns, Dragons and Giant Spiders.

3. Forbidden Lands of Tiquanda

This place is in the taboo area very far to the east of Port Hope, north side of the river. Say 'Transport' to the Merklin to get transported to this area. Deeper Banuta Quest required.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Taboo Lightbearer
Taboo basin

Beware of: Behemoths, Carniphilas, Centipedes, Cobras, Crabs, Elephants, Giant Spiders, Hydras, Massive Earth Elementals, Slimes, Snakes, Stone Golems, Tarantulas, Terror Birds and Tigers.

4. Kazordoon Prison

This place is very deep in Kazordoon prison. Remember to bring your keys to the prison!

Map and screenshot of the location:

Prison Lightbearer
Prison Basin

Beware of: Cyclops, Dwarves, Dwarf Guards, Dwarf Soldiers, Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Mages, Orc Berserkers, Orc Shamans, Orc Spearmans, Orc Warriors and Trolls.

5. Ramoa: Bonebeast Island

This place is on the west side of the Bonebest Island. This is the first island you come to after the teleporter on Goroma (must have completed the Goroma Quest. You can travel to Goroma from Liverty Bay.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Bonebeast island lightbearer
Bonebeast island basin

Beware of: Cobras, Scorpions, Ghosts, Crypt Shamblers, Demon Skeletons, Water Elementals, Bonebeasts and a Giant Spider.

6. Edron Demon Lair

This place is deep in Edron Hero Cave, north of Edron.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Edron Lightbearer
Edron basin

Beware of: Wild Warriors, Stalkers, Dark Apprentices, Orc Shamans, Witches, Hunters, Minotaur Mages, Slimes, Minotaur Guards, Stone Golems, Beholders, Dark Magicians, Dragon Hatchlings, Monks, Demon Skeletons, Priestesses, Dragons and Heroes.

7. Drefia

This place is deep under Defia, to the west of Darashia. The pentagram is on the way to the Medusa Shield quest.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Drefia lightbearer
Drefia basin

Beware of: Scorpions, Demon Skeletons, Ghouls, Stalkers, Ghosts and Mummies.

8. Hellgate

This place is deep in Hellgate, under Ab'dendriel. Key to Hellgate can be bought for 5,000 gold coins from NPC.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Hellgate Lightbearer
hellgate basin

Beware of: Rats, Spiders, Bugs, Rotworms, Skeletons, Carrion Worms, Ghouls, Gazers, Slimes, Beholders, Crypt Shamblers, Demon Skeletons, Elder Beholders and Vampires.

9. Tarpit Tomb

This place is in the tomb hidden under the tar a bit north of Ankrahmun. It's on the first floor of the tomb, quite easy even for lower levels.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Tarpit Lightbearer
Tarpit Basin

Beware of: Cave Rats, Ghouls and Skeletons. Possibly a lured Beholder and a Crypt Shambler.

10. Magician Quarter: Hellspawns

This place is one level down in the north-west part of the Magician Quarter in Yalahar.

Map and screenshot of the location:

Hellspawns Lightbearer
Hellspawns basin

Beware of: Gozzlers, Necromancers, Hellspawns, Plaguesmiths.

The next step

Now when you've recharged as many basins as possible, you have done as much as you can with the first part, but keep helping your server with the organization or your work might have been in vain!

No matter if your server succeeds or fails, you should talk with NPC Lucius again to get back to the Temple of Light:

Temple of Light

1. Succeeding

If your server manages to keep all the 10 basins burning for 4 days, the world will be rewarded. Players on your server will get +10% Shared Experience until November 30. There's also a reward room where you can get your personal reward and trophy. You can access the reward room in Kazordoon, after buying a wagon ticket.

1-9 basins:
Silver Fafnar Trophy, 20 Midnight Shards, Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, a Ring of Healing, a Stealth Ring, a Time Ring, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl and 30 Small Topazes.

10 basins:

Golden Fafnar Trophy, 20 Midnight Shards, Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, a Ring of Healing, a Stealth Ring, a Time Ring, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl and 30 Small Topazes, Brocade Backpack containing 10 Midnight Shards, Crown Backpack containing a Might Ring, 2 Rings of Healing, 50 Demonic Essences, 4 Gold Ingots, a Violet Gem and 40 Small Diamonds, Moon Backpack (one time only, if you received last year you will not get the backpack again) containing a document which gives you the right to receive the Blazebringer Mount from Santa.

All cities will also be visited by Essences of Light: A wisp looking creature which sends out random mass healing.

2. Failing

If your server miss to recharge a single basin, the event will be lost and the whole server will fail! Team working is very important!
If this happens, you will see the following message: "One of the ten lights went dark and disappeared! All hope is lost now. Flee into your houses and hope to survive this day."
Soon after this message, Essences of Darkness will spawn in all cities! These essences will paralyze, drain mana and deal death damage to you and it is almost impossible to kill them.
The west side of the Temple of Light will also be opened. There you will find 1 teleporter which leads to the hunting ground to the south. But be careful! The demonic creatures are very strong, almost impossible to kill and doesn't give any good loot!

Midnight Shards

Midnight shards can be looted from the demonic creatures around the basins, or gained as a reward when if the server succeeds.
Try to gather as many as possible, as they can be quite valuable.

You can either sell the Midnight Shards to NPC Lucius for 500 gold coins each, or you can trade them for experience! However, players usually pay much more for them.
Each midnight shard will give you X*300 experience where X is equal to your level and 0 < X ≤ 200.
This means that a player will level 100 will for example get 100*300 = 30000 experience for each Midnight Shard.
If you are over level 200, you will get 60000 experience for one shard.
There's also a maximum limit to trade shards for experience. You can only trade 40 shards for experience, but you can sell an unlimited amount.
Note! You can only sell or exchange the Midnight Shards as long as the event still hasn't failed.

Midnight Shard experience


No matter if your world succeeds or fails, you can earn achievements in this world event.

When you have lit your first basin, you will receive the achievement "Keeper of the Flame".

if you manage to have lit all 10 basins, will receive the achievement "True Lightbearer"

History of the Temple of Light

The island of the Temple of Light is an old ancient island which explorers early could mark out on the map.
However, what they didn't know back then was that demonic powers haunted the island. The island even seem to have moved around since then! Neither did they know about the temple itself!

Old picture of the island of the Temple of Light and an arrow showing how the island has been wandering to the north:

Old Tibia Map