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Isle of the Mists Quest

Kirjoittanut Sir Rickard

Tyyppi: Tavallinen questi
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Plains of Havoc
Premium: En
Palkinto: 2 Small Emeralds
Kesto: Lyhyt (< 1 tunti)
Huomautukset: You have to be a Druid to make this quest.

Quest opas

This quest can only be made by Druids. It's better to have a friend helping if you are low level. There is a teleport located in Plains of Havoc that leads to the Island of the Mists. The teleport is located here (watch out for much dangerous creatures like Orc Leaders nearby, also risk of lured Giant Spiders or Dragons):


The black line is showing the location of the teleport and the lightblue line shows where the loot can be found.
Go inside the teleport.


Now you will get teleported to the Island of the mists. You start at floor +1 where there are ladders leading down. Now go down. Inside the box and the drawer you find the loot.


Enjoy your loot!