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Gamel Quest

Kirjoittanut Sir Rickard

Tyyppi: Vaihtoquesti
Tasovaatimus: 0
Sijainti: Thais
Premium: En
Palkinto: Life Ring
Kesto: Lyhyt (< 1 tunti)

Quest opas

With this quest you can trade Life Crystals for Life Rings. You can do it many times and you trade 1 Life Crystal for 1 Life Ring. The Quest starts in a building in Thais. This map shows where the building is located:


If you reached the building you should talk with Chester Kahs that is upstairs. Here's what you need to say to him:

You: Hi
Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
You: Gamel is a rebel
Chester Kahs: Are you saying that Gamel is a member of the rebellion?
You: Yes
Chester Kahs: Do you know what his plans are about?
You: He wants to obtain a magic crystal so lugri can cast a deathcurse.
Chester Kahs: That is terrible! Will you give me the crystal?
You: Yes
Chester Kahs: Thank you! Take this ring. If you ever need a healing, come, bring the scroll, and ask me to 'heal'.
You: Bye
Chester Kahs: Take care out there!

Don't say heal because if you say it he will take back one of your life rings.